The company was sliding downhill into inevitable destruction without an upgrade in operations, and without an infusion of cash, there was no stopping the downward spiral. Marcus had seen the handwriting on the wall for months and although he’d attempted to plug small leaks by making some changes, it was a foregone conclusion. However, he wasn’t one to give up and he’d tentatively reached out to suppliers and manufacturers he worked with even though he knew it was highly unlikely they’d be able to offer any real aid.

A member of his staff had asked to meet with him. He knew Georgia to be innovative and her ideas cutting edge. He suspected she might have some suggestions regarding the situation he hadn’t considered and on the off chance that was the case, he’d invited her to meet with him.

She had a keen eye for business and a charming way about her, what’s more he respected her work ethics too.

When she walked into his office, there was confidence in her step, a determined look upon her face and a smile a mile wide.

“Georgia, please take a seat. Coffee?”

“That would be lovely, yes.”

As he poured two coffees, she said, “Black please.” He nodded in response.

“I have some suggestions I thought I might proffer regarding the direction of the company. I realize I’m not on your board of directors or even in a managerial roll, but I have been watching what’s happening and I’m sure your aware the company could collapse without major changes.”

Jake nodded and said, “Go on.”

“I’ve outlined some suggestions for your consideration.”

He set the coffee down and picked up the papers she’d brought and began reading. From the first sentence he began straightening in his chair until he was so involved he’d forgotten her presence.

Her proposal was brilliant. What’s more it would only take a small amount of capital to set up.

“This is absolutely brilliant! It could seriously work.”

“I was hoping you’d say that. I took the liberty of contacting the following suppliers and venues in the off chance you might agree with the ideas I’ve suggested. They are eagerly awaiting a meeting at your earliest convenience.”

“Oh my god! I can’t tell you how exciting this is. I’ve been wracking my brain and come up with similar ideas, but I know without a doubt this one will work.”

He wanted to take her in his arms and dance around the room in abject delight and checked himself from doing just that.

Georgina’s eyes glowed. She’d been nervous about approaching him but from his response it was definitely a good thing she had.

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