Jeremy looked on with awe. His mentor was brilliant, no doubt about it, his performance flawless as usual. He’d often said he wanted to be Brian when he grew up mostly in jest since he was no more like Brian than he was the man in the moon.

The only similarity between them the fact they were both quick studies. Brian’s wit often had others hanging on his every word, either slack-jawed with incredulity or with great amusement for his words though true often contained a biting edge that only he could pull off.

The best thing about Brian was his acceptance. Jeremy was aware there were actors that looked down their noses at others, especially their understudy either with angst or jealousy and sought center stage at the expense of everyone else in the play. Not so Brian. If asked, he offered assistance to the others in the play. He was one of a kind.

Jeremy watched Brian carefully, soaking up the nuances and suggestions as though they were water and he a sponge in order to improve. He had attended acting classes, taken extra courses but in reality, in his mind, he couldn’t possibly learn as much as the first-hand experience he received by shadowing Brian.

One day he would take his place on stage and he would no doubt have an understudy waiting in the wings and he hoped he’d have the grace elegance and style that Brian displayed.

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