When this word came up, there were several topics that came to mind. The current political landscape (worldwide but the US in particular) and let’s face it, the President of the USA has behaved contentiously and has managed to polarise the country in a way not seen in years.

Instead of progressing forward toward improving conditions for the impoverished, the weak, the ill and the elderly, (healthcare immediately comes to mind) not to mention the working class who must work two and three jobs to make ends meet, leaving their children to daycare or babysitters for extended periods of time and being entirely too exhausted to carry on a conversation, much less activities, the situation is a colossal mess. It doesn’t matter whether it’s healthcare, the elderly who had hoped to retire in their golden years but now find themselves working at 70 and 80 as greeters and even working tills in grocery stores in order to make ends meet when they should be relaxing and enjoying life.

I’ve steered clear of the political topics because from what I’ve witnessed, it’s simply same &*&( different pile every time. Until recently, that is, when the situation has escalated to potential world wide catastrophe. Seems to me that as long as those calling the shots are making their money, little else matters.

When we elect officials, it’s with the idea that they will carry out OUR wishes, our hopes, our dreams, for a better future for the entire nation and hopefully for the betterment of humanity as a whole.

I’m not sure how we’ll get back to what I call the meaning of civility – the caring for others, the protection of others (whether family member, friend, or next-door neighbour) but I sure as hell hope it’s soon because the way the current situation is going, we’re headed toward (if not annihilation) then destruction, certainly destruction of values, our humanity, our compassion, our care for ourselves and others and I won’t even mention our future generations to come!

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