I love you, Sheryl. You’re awesome!!!!!!! Thank you for hopping onto the problematic portion asap. It’s great. You do that with your blog and with the dailies. It’s always appreciated, believe me.

I love that word too. Problematic. It doesn’t have the connotation of unsolvable, unfixable or unchangeable just complex, tricky, awkward, or controversial.

I also love that you put so much into the blog with the colours, words, and efforts. It’s so awesome.

Unfortunately I seem to have lost the knack for writing poetry which is problematic for me since I love it. Perhaps in the next few months after a respite from trying, it will come back to me. It was delightful fun I must say.

Thank you again for supporting the daily word on your blog as it means worlds to me, especially now when for some reason I seem to be going through a dry spell and I really have to work at putting two sentences together.

Hope your enjoying a delightful summer as fall is soon upon us. 🙂

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