He was stunned when he opened his email and found substantiation he could use to prove his innocence even though it came from an unlikely source.

Dean had never met Evy. They were casual acquaintances at best, waving or nodding acknowledgement in passing but he’d never actually met her. He knew two things about her. One, she was rarely without a coffee in hand and she had a beautiful smile.

That she would come to his defence, dig for proof, risk everything to assist in clearing his name, without thought or pause, or for that matter, without being asked, was mind-boggling, touching, amazing. He didn’t even know anyone else was aware of his predicament. Someone she’d caught wind of it.

When large sums of money had begun disappearing, he’d been targeted because of his access to the funds in question. It seemed inconceivable that anyone else could have pulled it off.

Today, she provided indisputable proof someone else had accessed the accounts in question and pilfered the funds. He was brilliant with computers and he’d gone through the process with a fine-toothed comb and still missed the connection. Now, he could link the perpetrator to the evidence and clear his name.

Taking the information she’d provided, he tracked each link back to it’s origination and printed out what he’d found. With a sigh of unbelievable relief, he took his findings to his boss.

They sat down together and went over the evidence he presented. His boss had slumped back in his chair in shock. Not only was his faith in Dean complete, he’d known him for years, knew without a doubt he was honest, sincere and dedicated.

When he asked Dean how he’d come upon the information, Dean quickly filled him in, explaining Evy’s part. A few minutes of contemplation passed and his boss called Evy to his office. Together, they went over the information she’d found and how.

“You are a god-send Miss Marks. Without your input it would have taken a long time, perhaps forever to find the perpetrator of this crime. I’ve known Dean forever and I knew without hesitation he hadn’t done this, wouldn’t, couldn’t.”

“There will definitely be consequences for this thief, and for you. Would you be interested in, consider moving into Dean’s department? We need someone of your caliber. I’m glad you had Dean’s back on this.”

Evy replied, “Anytime, Sir.”

They headed out the door together and Dean said, “I know it may not seem appropriate but can I give you a hug?” Without further ado, he took Evy in his arms and swung her round and round.

“My that was exuberant!” she said.

“What can I say, you saved the company and me both. The criminal will now be caught and charged.”

“My pleasure.”

Dean assisted in moving her gear and equipment to a vacant desk near him and as they did, they watched as the real perp was escorted into his boss’s office where the police awaited him.

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