Amy could attest the truth of Judy’s words for she’d been present when they were spoken. The problem was she wasn’t sure anyone would believe her since she was the office jokester and they all knew it. She was concerned she might make the situation worse for Judy instead of better.

For the first time in her life, she realized that carrying the cartoon banner may not be all it was cracked up to be. Having said that, perhaps because she usually joked around, they’d understand the sincerity of her words.

She texted Judy and asked what she thought and whether she wanted her to say something. In response, Judy assured her it couldn’t make the situation any worse than it currently was.

Amy had steered clear of most of the office staff, for the vast majority were either catty, willing to step on others, or knocking someone down in order to look good and this was exactly what they were doing to Judy and it infuriated Amy.

She wrote up a draft and whipped it off to the Office Manager hoping he was the responsible man she’d often witnessed and it wasn’t a sham on his part.

Toward end of day, she was summoned into the Office Manager’s office. He gestured toward a seat and after she was settled asked, “Are you friends with anyone in the office?”

“No, not particularly. I find it’s easier all round if you keep your working relationships professional.”

He smiled, “Is that a nice way of saying the vast majority act like asses and you’d rather not participate?”

She couldn’t help the smirk that crossed her face at his astute appraisal of the situation and said, “If you like.”

“I thought as much. Thank you for standing up for Judy. I’m not ignorant of what is going on out there, and I now realize I need to use a heavier hand in coming down on these types of activities. I’m sure it makes everyone uncomfortable.”

“It isn’t pleasant.”

“Alright then, I’ll attend to this situation with Judy immediately. I wouldn’t want to lose her or you, your both great assets to the department and rest assured, I’m going to handle this situation, indelicately as the reverse doesn’t seem to be working.”

Standing, Amy said, “Thank you Mr. Morgan, I appreciate it. I was concerned you wouldn’t listen since I tend to be the joke most of the time.”

“Precisely and when you spoke up I knew the truth immediately.” Standing he continued, “Joking around isn’t the worst thing in an office, Amy, you help lighten the mood and keep things on an even keel. I know I appreciate it.”

She was more than a little surprised he was aware of the pranks gags and other antics she’d been involved in and she looked a tad sheepishly at him.

“There may be some backlash as a result of what is going to happen, but I’m sure your strong enough to handle it.”

“Trust me, Sir, if I wanted to, I could cut them all to ribbons. I choose not to.”

“Once again, Amy, thank you on behalf of the department and Judy too I’m sure.”

Amy nodded and left. Since his office was toward the back of the area, she was pretty sure no one noticed her enter. If they had, it wouldn’t matter, but it would make things easier for Judy if they hadn’t.

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