Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you needed to repudiate an untruth, a wrong, something untrue said about you? It may have been a simple error on someone’s part, or it may have been an outright lie intended to defame or injure your character. If it’s a serious allegation it will certainly damage your reputation or jeopardise future prospects.

In either case, depending on the given situation and people involved, it can clarify or make matters worse. Some will believe what’s said no matter what, while others, knowing you well, won’t believe the untruth.

Some will say “I think he does protest too much!” indicating they believe it’s true and your not owing up. On the other hand, you might feel if you don’t repudiate said allegation, it indicates it’s true and you can’t defend your stance, statement or what has been said.

It’s definitely a predicament. Depending on how what has been fabricated will affect you, your life, your business, your job, your friends or your family, will ultimately determine whether you can let it go or not and whether it’s worth pursuing and clarifying.

As you get older, you are bothered less by what people say about you since you know the truth and their opinion may not count for much.

All these thoughts ran through Brian’s head as he read the insulting column written by his long term fellow columnist for another paper. He sad and fumed, pondered, wondered and thought some more. Finally, he hit upon a brilliant way to answer the uncouth swine without slinging mud or ignoring the entire mess completely. He found a picture of Pinocchio and added it to his column and said, “Your nose is growing you mutton head!” and he walked away feeling very good about the situation all in all. He smiled. Make of that what you will, he thought, feeling quite liberated!

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