I belong to a gardening group which includes many from England but others as well from differing countries. I LOVE gardens. I’m absolutely delighted humbled thrilled and excited at the exquisite photos these gardeners willingly share.

Sometimes, it’s a barren piece of land, sometimes, it has humble beginnings, but the joy is the willingness to share the progress from start to finish and the many changes made along the way.

Often these gardens are so tenderly and lovingly cared for and are so exquisite they take my breath away and I sit and stare at the screen in complete and utter awe.

There is no age definition here. One woman is 98 and her garden is the most incredible I’ve ever seen and it is even more amazing when you realize she tends the entire thing herself. Luckily her daughter belongs to the gardening group and sends pictures.

I think the most amusing thing about the gardening group is that some share “nude gardening day” with the bits covered up or shots from behind and it is truly quite delightful. I smile with delight at those brave souls able willing and brave enough to participate. Good on ya I say!

I’m equally delighted that so many Marilyn and others, share their beautiful plants flowers gardens and yards here. One day, I hope to have a garden again and I can likewise share with the group.

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