Costa Rica thanks to Pixabay

She’s sent pictures of her new “friends” sorry couldn’t tell from the picture whether it was a salamander or what, but she has 3 now and an interesting bug joined her for breakfast. Again quite unique seemed like a light coloured fly but could have been something else.

I’m not sure whether I mentioned my granddaughter was going to Costa Rica to volunteer in a hospital there. She’s been there for several days now and sends snap chats daily which has the entire family online with her and delightful fun.

She has sent pictures of the countryside from the bus ride to her abode and explained how hot it is. 32 degrees and all I can say is better her than me, I doubt I could handle that kind of constant heat these days. Her first tropical storm began late yesterday and it’s still raining. We’ve all heard thunder and lightning, but she said you haven’t heard anything like the thunder there. That’s because it’s right overhead I’m assuming whereas here, it can be quite a distance away. I’ve been teasing her, of course, and said now when someone complains about the rain (and we do get sideways rain here, like in the horror movies, where it runs down the window like a hose was used) she can now say, that isn’t rain, that’s a shower!

The flowers trees and foliage are so unique (coming from a Canadian point of view) and delightful to see.

They certainly have a different style of eating of course, and she’s eating all the authentic foods they offer (prepared by herself) good thing she likes cooking, and she’s adapted so well (I know others who would probably starve if they had to eat the cuisine there) since they aren’t as adaptable.(smirk smirk) not that they will read this, but still! haha

It’s dark by 5 30 and the night creatures come out and they aren’t allowed outside then for their own protection. She’ll have a couple of days off I understand at some point, and she’s planning on going to the seaside and enjoying some activities there.

The whole thing is quite poignant as it is completely different from how we live and the outlook and rules are different too, of course.

I’m very proud of her for being brave courageous dedicated and interested enough to make the month-long journey and work in the hospital there at 17. She’s even ridden in an ambulance on a call out. Apparently, it will assist in getting scholarships to go to medical school which will certainly be welcome.

Preparation for the trip wasn’t particularly pleasant either, all the shots required and the drink she described as poo drink which she had to take twice.

Brava little one, Brava! So proud of you!!!!!!!!!!

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