Although I’ve had dogs before (in my youth particularly and one or two when I was older) I can’t remember another pooch with quite such an animated and eloquent face and voice.

Loki had surgery on his shoulder a few weeks ago and his routine is upset. He’s not allowed to walk around let alone jump or do stairs or drive in the car. Consequently, his weekend journeys to the great outdoors have been completely curtailed as well as his second joy, rides in the car.

At first he was so doped up he slept continuously. As the days passed, he began hobbling around and we had to lift him using his wrap-around thingy that we take him on walks with (sorry can’t remember the name of it) but it has a handle on the top which we could lift him with, to get him down the stairs. Not an easy task with a dog his size and weight. He’s a good 2 feet longer than any German Shepherd I’ve ever seen and when next to a regular sized German Shepherd he seems massive and at 105 lbs. he seems huge when you have to lift his front paws off the ground.

I digress because, as a result of his inability to go anywhere and do anything, he’s become quite animated in the expressions on his face, and the eloquent sighs grunts and groans when we come and go without him. He can sit and beg with those beautiful eyes as incredibly moving as you can possibly imagine as he lifts a paw to lay it on your lap and you KNOW without a doubt what he’s asking for.

I’m sure both Martha and Marilyn can attest to how much they have loved their pets and perhaps on in particular holds a special place. Well, for me, this will forever be, Loki. He LOVES hugs and pushes up against your knees so you’ll bend and wrap your arms around him and hug him. He’s such a loving gentle caring gentle giant, everyone that sees him falls in love with him, (even those that don’t want to).

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  1. I had a Loki — long ago before Owen was born. He was a wild a crazy German Shorthaired Pointer. Really smart and really strong! Really quite the dog and he lived up to his name!

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