Since I’m retired, long weekends mean little in one sense. Life continues on as usual to a degree and doesn’t change my lifestyle overmuch. The pleasurable part of a long weekend is spending relaxed downtime with family. So to some degree, I am touched by them in that there is a more languid feel about them. I didn’t bother getting up at 7 am as usual (although I had an interrupted night’s sleep) and managed to get back to sleep until 10:00. Awesome I say.

The only reason I’m affected at all is that everyone else is enjoying an extra-long weekend, therefore, more relaxed and laid back. No rushing around to get things done before or after work. That in turn gives me pleasure and delight as I watch everyone else enjoy.

School is about to begin and the regular routine will again hold reign with early mornings along with the regular chores, homework, and scheduling involved. I guess I should relax into this languid state a little more because it will end shortly. In fact, that’s what I’m doing. Taking care of the things that must be done, while ignoring the others. I’m quite sure they’ll still be there on Tuesday.

Hope those of you that are enjoying a few days of your last holidays are having a wonderful time.

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