Last night I was wondering around wondering what was new. I found Holland’s “The Voice” and clicked. Imagine my surprise at finding what I think of as their tribute to the talented elders who can really sing and or belt out a tune. I kept going and low and behold there were dozens of videos. I kept clicking and clicking and decided I had to share my find with all of you.


Marcus was an unknown entity. Moving through the ranks quickly owing to his brilliance, they knew he would be spectacular at his job, but was he a people person and how did he lead his team? Was he hands-on, a micro-manager, a know it all, or would he give his team the opportunity to do their thing their way, a way that worked exceedingly well for them? That was the question uppermost in everyone’s mind.


“Yes.” Vince’s answer was extremely abrupt. “I don’t have time for this, I have urgent work to do.” His tone wasn’t even condescending, it was dismissive.
“I realize you don’t understand or recognize what I do, but none-the-less, I’d like to see the family’s dog. What can it hurt? If I’m a quack, five minutes won’t make a difference…”


If Steven’s research was correct, and he knew without a doubt it was, then they could do no better than add Nancy Fairmont to their company. She was clearly a front runner and would bring huge benefits to the company in her expertise; her abilities in communication were legendary, as well as her intuitive understanding of people and relationships. She was an all-round winner.

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