I’m not sure about you, but when times are difficult, problems arise, there are issues to deal with and we sometimes feel overwhelmed and over our head, I find it easier to lighten the mood with levity – a joke, a funny meme, a humourous moment in time.

Not that I intend ignoring what is, but it gives me an opportunity to step back from the issue or problem for a moment, and in turn gives me an opportunity to take a second look, an overview, without the emotion attached that can add to the confusion and intensity of the moment.

Let’s face it, there are times when, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. I choose to laugh, even if I laugh until tears roll down my cheeks.

I love a good joke, a great laugh and humour. For me, it really is fundamental to a relationship. I’ve often used humour in a line up at a grocery store when the clerk is harassed or being harassed by a miserable customer and I’ll pop out a joke or find something to point at in the moment that is humourous.

Come on, life’s too short and we’re not getting out alive, so take a moment, laugh and enjoy when you can.

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