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A remnant of sadness remained in her heart. Grieving was a process that took place at its own time and pace and the process was different for every individual going through it. Some managed to maneuver through fairly quickly, with but a few remnants remaining behind.

People used different strategies and tactics as well. Some found solitude in a place special to the grief easier, some avoided anything remotely connected to the person place or event relating to their grief.

Anna had one friend that ran to the seaside and cried their grief out on the shores in solitude while she another friend chose to stand in the shower and cry her grief away as if washing it down the drain.

Some found focusing on the positives in the relationship aided them more in the aftermath replacing the pain with joyful memories. Grief varied.

Although she’d known this day would come (her grandfather was getting up in years) he hadn’t told anyone until a week prior to his demise. On some level she felt betrayed, that his action was selfish, since she’d have been at his side instantly and treasured each and every moment. On another level she understood his care and compassion as he’d see it as needless grieving over the inevitable and probably couldn’t have handled watching those he loved, suffer.

She stood in this place by the shore in the place he’d loved most, his beloved lighthouse he’d tended and cared for well over 50 years and smiled. She recalled the heart-stopping moment she’d arrived, his pleasure at her being there, as well as their shared love of both the lighthouse, the undulating ocean, the massive waves crashing about them in a vicious storm, and the quiet peaceful beautiful sunny days they’d collected precious treasures on the shore together.

“Love you grandpa, always and forever!”

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