Franny had never been nervous around large men, after all her brothers raged from six to six and a half feet tall and were built like linebackers, all of them.

Franny had never been nervous around large men, after all her brothers raged from six to six and a half feet tall and were built like linebackers, all of them.

However, when he walked into the room, she did a double-take. He stood six-four at least and although long and lean, held an air of control that was electric. She quickly diverted her eyes so he wouldn’t notice her surprise or awareness while sincerely hoping he hadn’t because she needed the upper hand in this meeting. Loss of control over the proceedings could prove fatal to her cause.

She’d heard good things about Logan Montogmery. He was fair, honest, hardworking and sincere. However, if he didn’t like what he heard, he’d cut the legs out from under you so quickly you’d hit the ground so fast your head spun.

As he approached, she raised her eyes and studied his face hoping to glean something from his eyes, a tell, anything that might indicate what he thought of her firms proposal. He was a closed book and nothing of what he was thinking showed through.

Ok, so be it. Standing erect she reached across her desk to shake his hand. “Pleasure to meet you Mr. Montgomery.”

“Likewise. I’ve heard good things about you. Your firms lucky to have you.”

“You flatter me, Mr. Montgomery. I’m simply doing my job to the best of my ability but it’s still nice to hear.”

“Please, have a seat. Can I get you anything? Coffee, tea, a sandwich?”

“A black coffee would be appreciated.”

Franny smiled, ” I love my coffee.”

Once they were settled, she quickly broached the subject at hand, laying out her designs, thought process and outlining future possibilities.

“This is delightful. You’ve given the Mont Rouge a great deal of thought. “

“Indeed I have.”

“I want to study these again, in more depth before I decide, but what I’ve seen so far, I like.”

“Good to hear.”

“I want to get this matter settled quickly. I’ll look over the plans and we can go over them tonight.”

Franny was somewhat surprised he thought he’d have a decision by evening.

He knew he’d caught her off guard but he knew her work and knew she was right for the job. There might be one or two things he’d have to change but it looked right. “Say 7:00 this evening. We can finish any adjustments over dinner at my Hotel.”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea. People milling about might overhear.”

“I’ve rented a suite that adjoins the banquet room (of sorts) and it should meet our purposes perfectly.”

She agreed and he once again took her hand in his, shook it and turned to leave, “Until this evening then.” Franny watched as the giant of a man sauntered toward the door and out.


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Tue Sep 10 , 2019
If Steven's research was correct, and he knew without a doubt it was, then they could do no better than add Nancy Fairmont to their company. She was clearly a front runner and would bring huge benefits to the company in her expertise; her abilities in communication were legendary, as well as her intuitive understanding of people and relationships. She was an all-round winner.

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