If Steven’s research was correct, and he knew without a doubt it was, then they could do no better than add Nancy Fairmont to their company. She was clearly a front runner and would bring huge benefits to the company in her expertise; her abilities in communication were legendary, as well as her intuitive understanding of people and relationships. She was an all round winner.

The problem was him. They’d had a run-in aeons ago and he wasn’t sure whether she’d remember. He’d been both brash and harsh, rushing to judgement on her abilities when he was still wet behind the ears and knew no better – ok, he’d known better, she’d irked him with her brilliance and he’d found it unsettling and being the idiot he was, he’d struck out at her in a manner that had her eyes darkening and the sunny look became pinched. She’d said “whatever” and left.

He’d been aware enough to recall the way she’d floated away, not stomped or dragged her feet, she’d floated as though his actions hadn’t mattered, but he knew different. For some reason, the look in her eyes still haunted him. The freshness zeal curiosity, the positivity the delight had all vanished in an instant and he’d been responsible.

His rash youthful actions were now coming back to haunt him. He was sure he’d have some sweet talking to do if he was to get her on board. Eating humble pie wasn’t his thing. He hoped she’d forgotten all about his stupidity. The look in her eyes had said so much.

Well, he’d know soon enough, for she was walking straight toward him, with that beautiful elegant glide of hers. She neared him, her face, expressionless. Until he was close enough to read her eyes and they said so much more.

Ok, humble pie it was. To what extent remained to be seen.

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