Jeremy had no doubts about his future. He was one of those fascinating people who believed it would be so and it was. He needed a job, he was confident he’d get one and he had, on his first try. That’s how Jeremy’s life was. People were always saying envision what you want and it will happen. Perhaps he did in his own way, because he had no doubts about receiving positive good things in life.

Today as he sat in his wife’s hospital room, silently observing her hospital pallor, he wished with all his heart that she would wake up and be whole. If he could have undone the accident that put her here, he would have sold his soul to do so. Instead, he moved toward her bed, held her hand and squeezed gently. “Moira, come back to me darling. Let’s be us again, and laugh and play as we always have. I need you, love, I want you in my life. Come back to me!” The last was said with a pleading tone.

He pulled his chair closer and held her hand as he hummed her favourite songs and told her the latest from the office, the latest happenings with friends and family.

He lay his head on the side of the bed and rested there, her hand in his. He loved her with all his heart! A flutter in his hand startled him upright and stared at the feather-like movement before his eyes raced to her beautiful face.

“Moira? Moira?” he said gently and then with nervous fervor. He watched as with great effort her eyelids moved slowly upward. At first eyes vacant she stared up at him and then as he watched, understanding filled her eyes and he knew she recognized him. He reached out and brushed her cheek with the back of his fingers, “Moira! Welcome back, love!”

He’d called the nurses who in turn called for the specialist and within moments he’d been pushed aside as they examined his beautiful wife. Jeremy waited with bated breath for the doctor. He told himself the news would be good, great in fact and held on to that hope as the doctor walked solemnly toward him as his thoughts turned to their future.

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