It’s my son’s birthday today. For years the running joke was “when did you get old, I didn’t”! We’ve chuckled forever over this one, can’t explain why since we all know I’m that much older and thankfully still getting older and perhaps wiser too, but it stuck.

Making the transition years ago from “my children” to my grown adults’ (adult children – although if they ever thought I figured it that way they’d look at me ascance – never mind they’ll get there one day too) was both a delight and a bit of a shock. When you live nearby and interact all the time, the constant change sometimes goes unnoticed in the moment even when noteworthy; it’s always a pleasure and often a pleasurable surprise as new plateaus growths and understanding take place.

As little ones and youngsters, it is obvious but not perhaps as obvious when your busy providing a roof food clothes and emotional support. You turn around and go, well would you look at that! in delightful surprise.

It’s always been delightful and interesting to sit and converse with my kids regarding what’s happening around us (in the world at large) but in their lives and with their friends.

Someone once told me each generation is getting more difficult to parent. I never thought so. But then again, I was blessed with two children who readily listened (not that they didn’t experiment – they did). However we had great communication and thankfully, still do.

I find it both delightful and am always appreciative that they use their own minds and do the legwork in making decisions regarding world events, family events, etc. In some ways I guess we as parents are the forerunners if you will in hopefully, setting a positive example, in encouraging open minds and free thinking.

Parenting goes through stages of course – the joys of watching little ones learn whether it’s walking, using a sippy cup, feeding themselves or of discovery not to mention the frustration of teenager finding themselves, those first cases of rebellion and the attempts at being an adult in an adult world when they aren’t quite there yet, but yearn to be.

The greatest joy of my life has been sharing knowledge understanding and conversation with my adult children. (For lets face it, they’ll always be my kids no matter how old they get.)

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