Apparently, all German Shepherds have dysplasia that occurs in their hindquarters. My son had read up on GSD’s before-hand and purebreds don’t or aren’t supposed to have this problem.

Turns out, Loki doesn’t have dysplasia of the hind end but his front end. Consequently, there is a space between the elbows that didn’t grow into place creating a gap. One elbow (operated on a few weeks ago) had a minor gap as the shoulder grew appropriately, but surgery would lessen the risk of severe arthritis so the surgeon put a screw into the two parts and it’s to come out soon (within a few days). If it healed together appropriately, the decision will then be made regarding the other front leg which is far more severe. We placed his special “belt” around him, attached his lead and literally lifted him up and downstairs to get outside to do his business. He weighs 105 lbs. so no easy feat for me. Thankfully that part was over within two weeks and he could walk and we created a ramp so he could get in and out easier (me too for that matter).

As you can imagine, being the (as the surgeon put it extremely high energy dog that he is) it’s been difficult keeping him indoors for weeks and not allowing him to play. It’s been a full-time job trying to entertain him as he’s a pup.

I have to say it’s been painful watching as he is absolutely adorable and it hurts watching him go through this, however, the up-side is that hopefully it will stave off arthritis for years and he’s definitely learned his commands. He listens far better to lay, lay on your bed, sit, stay, as it was repeated constantly and he hurt too much to do otherwise. I can only imagine what he’ll be like when he can get around again. I’m sure he’ll be the bullet streaking across the lawn as he was before.

He was six months old in this picture. He’s a year now and so much bigger! lol.

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  1. I never knew that. But then again, I always had purebreds.
    I hope Loki gets back to normal soon. Learning obedience is good, though.

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