Numbers don’t lie he thought. The data would seem to indicate they had broken the back of their slump. There seemed to be renewed interest in the process. Jake slumped against his chair in relief.

Dana had been correct after all. He’d busted her chops and fought her conclusions from the get go and now he’d be forced to eat humble pie. So be it, if it meant not losing her professionally.

She was a strong willed woman who knew what she’d been talking about and he’d stubbornly refused to acknowledge it. Not because of his own ego but because he’d been too afraid to take the chance. She’d proven him wrong and the incline although marginal, was an incline and if it continued, they’d be sailing again.

Dana walked into the conference room, elegant, straight backed, head held high without so much as acknowledging his existence. He deserved that. He’d been ignorant.

No better time than now to address his stupidity. “Dana, got a moment?”

She turned and looked at him, a brow lifting as she did. “What’s up, Jake?”

“Before the other arrive, I wanted to thank you. Your know how proved correct and profitable. And while it’s just a beginning, it is a beginning and I believe if we continue in this vein, we’ll succeed. I’m sure you’ve already looked at the numbers, and it’s looking promising.”

“Yes, I have looked at the numbers. And yes, although it seems minimal, it’s the first positive change we’ve seen in weeks.”

“More importantly, I want to apologize for busting your chops so vehemently. In my own defense, I was nervous about taking such a drastic tack, of losing the clients we had. I guess I was concerned they’d jump ship. It seems they haven’t and we’re making progress, so thank you.”

He approached her and reached out a hand to see if she’d shake it, if bygones were bygones. She hesitated momentarily then reached out and took his hand, “Next time, don’t be such a slow-dim witted dunce.”

Jake laughed, they were back on even ground. He smiled. “You got it.”

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