A triumphant cheer rose from the crowd. People were on their feet jumping up and down waving arms and cheering uproariously. The camera panned the crowd to capture couples kissing and hugging as other high fived each other. It was an exciting long-awaited moment. Five long years since they’d captured the title!

Anna watched along with the others. Her attention focused on one man in particular, Frank Morrison, the Captain and Quarterback of the team. From all she’d heard he wasn’t responding as he should. The other articles she’d read coloured him as egotistical, a lime-light grabber, the man supposedly took all the glory leaving his team mates behind.

That wasn’t what she saw. She saw a man congratulating his teammates, a broad grin on his face that lit up the world. He hugged a few that were obviously close to him and patted the others on the back then stood back, hands on hips and simply beamed. When the cameras rolled in, he stepped back encouraged interaction with the other members of the team responsible for winning moments.

This was definitely going to be an interesting interview she decided. She was in new territory here. Whoever was responsible for the previous articles had done the man a dis-service, undoubtedly.

As she leaned back in her chair, her gaze focused intently on him, it was as if he knew and he turned and stared directly at her, the intensity knocked her back in her chair. Damn the man was gorgeous.

She was chagrined at her own reaction and dropped her gaze to her phone. An hour, she had an hour to rethink her entire approach. Looking up at him once again, he was gone. He hadn’t stuck around for the hoopla but had ostensibly disappeared into the change room. Ok, she thought, game on!

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