As accustomed as he was at having his every wish granted, whether it be the latest game available, the fastest computer on the planet, the most brilliant of accessories, he wasn’t stuck on himself either, his ego wasn’t writing cheques his body couldn’t cash.

Adrian was, to put it mildly, brilliant, unerringly leading the charge in everything ultra new and brilliant. He had a knack for knowing what would sell and what wouldn’t and even if it was the most unlikely of items, he’d take one look at it and know without the shadow of a doubt, this was going to become the next best thing. And this without any hype, just an inner sense of what people would want. He’d made a name for himself and rightly so.

He’d left the company he’d been working for and started his own business as soon as he had the capital at hand, and there had been no turning back. There were of course, skeptics in the beginning, but he’d more than proven himself.

He was also adept at finding new talent, talent that was up and coming and nearly as brilliant as he was. Therefore when Janet’s name crossed his desk, he’d taken an immediate interest.

She was brilliant, incredible in fact and he couldn’t wait to go head to head with her before inviting her to join his estimable team. Would she though? They had a history, a long convoluted history in which he’d played the villain long ago. Had she forgotten or at least forgiven him? Would she come on board? It was an exciting moment, an exciting thought. For not only did he want her in his company, he wanted to renew their long ago acquaintance and hopefully more.

He knew what an ass-hat he’d been and it was a little bit ego, a little bit jealousy that prompted his actions. Both were on the back burner now and as she crossed the room, he smiled. In return he witnessed that quirky lopsided grin she’d give when she’d bested him at something. What was on her mind now, he wondered!

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