The company was known for modern forward thinking and that meant perpetual change; it was inevitable within the company and admittedly, Samanatha found the proposed changes exciting.

The reality was change was inevitable, necessary and an absolute in order to remain on the cutting edge, the top of the heap and ahead of the curve. She understood their forward-thinking since it, more than anything else, was responsible for propelling new ideas which made innovative change possible. In fact, she loved change because it encourage the stretching of her mind as she reached for new proposals possibilities and new directions.

There were those like Damian, who, although brilliant, found change unnerving, irritating, unsettling and therefore became agitated when those changes occurred. Due to his brilliant mind, he always rose to the occasion and thus far he’d been excluded from the inevitable cuts they were looking to make.

She’d taken it upon herself to shield him as much as possible, giving him the extra time to acclimate under the new conditions, but she could tell from his elevated mannerisms that he wasn’t settling into the possibility comfortably and she wasn’t sure whether the company would overlook his attitude for much longer. She sighed as she rose and walked toward him.

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