Marcus was an unknown entity. Moving through the ranks quickly owing to his brilliance, they knew he would be spectacular at his job, but was he a people person and how did he lead his team? Was he hands-on, a micro-manager, a know it all, or would he give his team the opportunity to do their thing their way, a way that worked exceedingly well for them? That was the question uppermost in everyone’s mind.

Marcus knew better than to fix what wasn’t broken. He’d observed the team’s work, their schedule and their performance. They worked free-lance as it were, without a great deal of managing. They were damn good and it was going to be a pleasure to work alongside such a group.

He’d add his two cents when he felt it was warranted, tweak something when he thought it necessary but other than that, he fully intended leaving them to do their thing. His wasn’t a frail ego and he gave credit where credit was due and quite capable of pulling in the reins if necessary. They weren’t children, they were smart capable adults.

As he entered, walking down glass lined hallways, he found the modern look appealing. While some might feel they were working in a fish bowl, he watched the exchange of smiles, nods, jests and overall ease that permeated the scene realizing they were comfortable with the status quo.

Their first glimpse of him was of a man entering the room with a smile upon his face, tall, elegantly dressed with grace and ease in every step. Faces turned and he introduced himself quickly explaining he’d like a few minutes to speak with each member of the team individually and he’d leave it up to them to make the time when convenient but he expected a meet with each one at some point before the day was finished.

And as he walked back to his office, he missed the nods of approval and confirmations that so far, they liked what they saw. He’d fit in well they decided instantly.

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