Last night I was wondering around wondering what was new. I found Holland’s “The Voice” and clicked. Imagine my surprise at finding what I think of as their tribute to the talented elders who can really sing and or belt out a tune. I kept going and low and behold there were dozens of videos. I kept clicking and clicking and decided I had to share my find with all of you.

I know I probably over did it, but there were so many incredibly talented people, 61 – 81 and they were in come cases, dancing, but in all cases, giving it their all, and man, talk about talent! I was truly overjoyed.

Tonight, I’m going to go back and see if there are more as I found some were from 2018 and somehow I missed this segment of The Voice and as I said to my son, I found it deeply touching that in Holland and Germany, the respect for their elders is very much in place and you could see from the looks on the judges faces, it was real. It was a delight to see them light up when someone so talented came on stage. It really reminded me that “age is mind over matter – if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”! You can do anything you set your mind to. Great lesson for me in particular at this point in time.

I noticed that it wasn’t about “making it your own” as they keep touting, but it was being the best you could be. Hope you enjoyed them all as much as I. If your interested in watching, click on yesterday’s post 🙂 Take care all, and remember you can do it!

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