It wasn’t a plausible scenario the detective decided after surveying the area from all angles. For the life of him, as he’d attempted to wrap his mind around the scene as described, there were too many flaws to accept the man’s statement as truth or take it at face value.

If the man accidentally found the murder victim as stated and had attempted CPR then why were there no footprints around the body? The soil was soft still, following a torrential downpour a few days back.

Why was he laying as he would have landed when shot? The trajectory of the bullets indicated he’d been facing the direction the shots had come from.

Why was the body so cold? Surely he would have grabbed a jacket, blanket, something to cover the victim if he were still alive. What about the distance between the man’s house and the dead man’s body? Wouldn’t he have heard the shots? After all, he claimed to have been greatly annoyed by the man’s insistent target practice, something he loathed because it “set his nerves on edge” as he’d put it. According to his own wife, he’d constantly grumbled and moved to his porch which overlooked the other man’s yard and shake a fist at him when he was out practising and yell obscenities.

The distance between yards was negligible, even though the length of both properties continued into the distance. So surely, if another person had been on the property and shot his neighbour, he’d have seen them leave.

The story had more holes in it than the sieve. It was going to be a long night indeed!

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