To whom it may concern:

To whom it may concern… what a lonely sentence. Or perhaps beginning would be a better term, a more apt term. Doesn’t it carry the idea of, indeed the weight of, loneliness…as in…if there is someone out there that cares, might care, should care, in fact does care (but the writer is unaware of it)…then the following is for you and indeed concerns you, or at the very least may be of some interest to you.  I address the following information to you.

It rather reminds me of the “dear john” letters of days gone by. As soon as you heard it, you knew what was coming…goodbye. It didn’t matter who the addressee was. That feeling of “an end was at hand” was as overwhelming as it was inevitable. In todays day and age with omg and lmao etc, short forms have taken over and there are few heartfelt letters written.

Phone calls, actually speaking, hearing another’s voice, especially that of a loved one, has almost gone the way of the dodo. No one wants to take or make the necessary time to really interact with others. Sad that connecting has become lost to us. You can read anything you want instantly in a few quick sentences (are they even sentences) words, often conveying the wrong idea since you can’t read the accompanying body language or inflections that clue you into what the other means by the words spoken.  Your not left guessing, wondering, pondering the actual truth of the words. You are left in no doubt about whether a person was sad mad angry happy delighted even thrilled. Honestly, it’s difficult to care about what happens to another human being if you don’t see touch speach hug once in awhile.  It certainly sets society up as a whole to “not care”.  Or am I wrong?

In all of these examples, it is noteworthy that some communication might be available, indeed happening, but the more deeply caring emotionally impactful “the messy stuff” is eloquently taken care of long distance like a selfie stick holding the “camera” at arms length to get a better shot.

I’m not an advocate of shouting matches, fisticuffs, angry tirades, just a few words that said face to face let another human being know they are cared for, loved, wanted, needed.

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