I wished I could transfer some of the exquisite gardens that I see on my FB Gardening Chat. They are so beautiful and leave me in complete awe. Some (quite a few actually) show the before and after…what the space looked like previously, before all the satisfying but back-breaking work that went into the preparation from the clearing, digging, levelling, and finally planting. Then the now with the abundance of blooms in every colour size and shape imaginable. It is a delight to behold.

The ardent fervor that went into each and every space is to be applauded. One woman is in her mid to late eighties and nothing stops her. Apparently she isn’t impressed with the fact she’s recently begun slowing down, but you’d never know it from the incredible garden that is her back yard.

Some are planted willy nilly (or so you’d think) but there is a plan and thought process and once you realize what it is whether it is a typical “English Garden” or whether it is planted in a pattern, evenly spaced, every gardener seems to understand the space and what would look best there.

Others ardently change out their garden every few years which is quite a bit more work, in digging up and replacing what was with something new and rearranging.

I find myself in the “if only” category and so I’ve become an armchair traveller hopping from garden to garden enjoying the view. It fills my heart with true joy and happiness. If you are a gardener, then I’m sure you’ll understand completely the joy that comes from witnessing such beauty!

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