Did he have the conviction to carry on knowing the possible outcome – his capture or even death?


Did he have the conviction to carry on knowing the possible outcome – his capture or even death? 

Righteous indignation had carried him to this point – gathering all the necessary data, crossing his I’s and dotting his t’s until he knew without the shadow of a doubt that his conclusions were absolutely spot on, and that there was indeed a massive coverup with an untold quantity of guns finding their way through smuggling operations, into the city.  Not just rifles, pistols and revolvers, but automatics, semiautomatics, indeed a plethora of guns – enough to feed an army.  The question was whose army?  What was the end goal?  To protect a grow op, take over the government, a war between levels of organized crime floating below the radar?  One faction against another?

Inevitably the next step was taking the information to the authorities.  But damn, who could he trust?  How many of the locals and or state politicians and others were involved?  How could he relay the information not only for his safety but for whoever he divulged the information to?    

There was only one man that he knew without a doubt he could rely on.  Having been close friends once upon a time, they’d lost touch over a decade ago.    

Everything he knew about Matt Gunderson supported his honesty and integrity.  His gut told him that the man he’d once known so well wouldn’t have changed or gone over to the other side.

He was about to find out.  They were set to meet in under an hour.  Either the information he had to relay would make its way to those interested in taking up the fight to destroy corruption, or he’d become the latest sacrifice in the war on crime.

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