I remember a time when stories, tv series, movies and tv shows elevated the spirit, left you coming away thinking, “that’s something to strive for, aspire to!”. These days, it’s ludicrous. I don’t have a tv, and I haven’t had one (and cable) for 30 years. I can’t say as I’ve missed much after watching cable at other people’s houses.

I stop by and view interesting movies on Netflix or on youtube. Sometimes I find some really interesting and touching or moving shows. And if not, I keep searching.

Most of the shows I witnessed recently were “reality” tv, whatever that is. The Kardashians to be on my best behaviour (cough cough) in a distant far and away reminds me of a spectacular movie they couldn’t hope to elevate their show to based on an English flower girl that a rich man promised he could pass off as a wealthy woman of means. It was quite a moving story to a teenagers mind at least. When I think of the Kardashians, that’s what I figure happened. Someone came up with an idea “taking someone, anyone, and turning them into a household name” and making money off of it.

Do you remember Family Ties? The Brady Bunch? The Jeffersons? The Mary Tyler Moore Show? The Odd Couple? Barney Miller? and so many more that were entertaining but brilliant and had a moral or tale to tell. I loved those shows. I miss them. I sincerely wished they’d bring back tv that had an important story to tell, not about who squashed who stepped on who bribed whom etc to get ahead as if that’s the end all be all in life. Ah, for the good old days!

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