Hiding in plain sight usually worked. Nothing conspicuous about that, when done right. He’d learned long ago that attempting to look inconspicuous only added interest. Blending worked best and that was his current plan.

He fully intended infiltrating the group calling themselves “S O S” because they were targetting his company and he wanted to know why and what was behind the subtle innuendo and attacks on all social media.

He’d kept a low profile, his name wasn’t synonymous or well known in many circles other than other the upper echelon of competitors and no one had pictures. He’d made sure of that because it was important that the product was center stage, not himself.

There were some he’d gone to college and university with that might have guessed who, where, and what he did but in the good old days, he’d been considered a geek and not interesting enough which had suited him just fine.

Inside he was the same man, but outwardly he’d changed considerably having taken an interest in his appearance to appease would-be investors and buyers. That and he felt healthier and found running and a modicum of exercise cleared his brain.

So he found himself nonchalantly wandering along the outskirts of the group of protestors both watching and listening. Their banter wasn’t particularly enlightening. As his gaze moved over the crowd he stopped cold when he spotted Althea. Well damn! As if a bombshell went off, he was transported back in time in an instant and he knew who was behind the attacks, and more importantly why!

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