Reg was ecstatic…he was going to Hawaii, a life long dream come true!   It meant a whole new beginning.  Putting the past behind him and starting a new life, at least that’s what he hoped.  Okay, ecstatic was pushing it. He’d settle for relieved…

Jenny had meant the world to him, had been his world… had become the reason he woke up each morning.  He’d always set his alarm five minutes before hers just so he could watch the spectacle that was Jenny, waking.  He couldn’t wait for that first smile of the day that gently spread across her mobile face even as she pulled herself from the last remaining tendrils of sleep.   It was as if she already expected the best day of her life was about to begin.  She’d stretch a lazy stretch as she awakened and then those eyes, those beautiful twinkling eyes would open and invite him into her world. 

Seeing him staring down at her, she’d wrap her arms around his neck and pull him close for a heartwarming hug, then pull back and kiss him with a gentleness that was exquisite, exciting and erotic all wrapped in one. 

He ached at the thought of all the lost moments, hours and days.  The pain was almost physical as he straightened and wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.  Damn it!  He was right, he needed this move.  The only way to forget her was to move somewhere they hadn’t been together.  Where reminders of moments and seconds didn’t slam his gut with that longing ache he’d come to associate with the thought of her name.  He wondered if it was possible to forget such a beautiful woman, the love of his life. 

He knew he couldn’t go on this way.  It had been two and a half years since the fateful day she’d been caught in a pileup on the freeway and died.  Even now, after all this time he raged at the icy road conditions that had created the temperature for disaster…one careless move and the first car had skid into the second and pushed them into the first crushing Jenny in the middle.  She hadn’t stood a chance.  If only!  How he’d come to hate that phrase, if only, if if if!! His mind raged again.

He stared at the remnants of their life together, one last time as he glanced around their home then bent to pick up his bags and head out the door.  He didn’t look back, he couldn’t, he didn’t want to.  It was complete, the end, the finale…wasn’t it?

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