“Incorporate your love desires thrills excitement hopes and dreams and all will come to you.”  That’s what the fortune teller had haltingly said.  Although she’d never been interested in nor believed in fortune-tellers, when the woman had said it in a startled quivering voice, a cold chill had run full length down her spine. 

That feeling hadn’t happened often, perhaps three or four times in her life, but every time she’d felt it, something dramatic and life-altering had occurred. The untimely death of her parents, her sister’s near-death experience on the highway, the birth of her twins…all momentous occurrence’s that had changed everything. 

She’d previously told Maddy she would fall in love with three men and that she’d be overjoyed at the birth of the twins, one with dark curly hair, the other with long straight hair.  She’d been very descriptive very detailed.  What’s more, she’d been right. 

Her sister was responsible for her going to see the fortune teller because she was unnerved about the truth of her other predictions…and she’d predicted for Andy’s friends and they’d all come true.  It wasn’t an exact science, it wasn’t something she’d believed in either until every prediction had come true and she’d begun leaning toward believing.

As Maddy walked away, she tried to shake off the woman’s words, yet she found she couldn’t.  After wandering into a nearby bistro, she grabbed a coffee and sat at a small table near the window awaiting the delivery of her lunch while everything the woman had said ran through her mind.

She couldn’t help it and dragging open her purse, she pulled out a tablet and pen and began writing down what she found thrilling and exciting, what her current hopes and dreams were, and what she thought about love. This was indeed distracting…so much so that when her salad and soup were delivered, she hadn’t noticed. She hadn’t noticed anyone or anything until a shadow fell across her table and looked up to see who’d blocked out the lovely sun she’d been enjoying.

Her mouth fell open when she recognized Jacob who had obviously noticed her for he was standing with that quirky grin of his, eyes alight with amusement and opened his arms as if in welcome. She stood her mouth falling open her eyes welling with loving tears.

Racing to the nearby door, she ran into his arms and hugged him. “Oh my god, Jacob! You’re a sight for sore eyes, where have you been, what have you been doing? I need to know it all, come in, come in and join me for lunch!”

Wrapping an arm around her he guided her inside, only too happy to do so. Words fell over themselves as they laughed and chatted about everything. In the back of her mind, thoughts of shared joy laughter and just life filled invaded her thoughts. Could the woman’s words be true and could it involve her dearest friend?

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