The difference between points of view on the subject ranged from minimal interest or disinterest to full-blown screaming matches.  Dalia expected a mix from basic uninterest to a heated debate that hopefully wouldn’t turn into a full-blown argument.  

For one, people (a vast majority of people hated change).  It was surprising what could engender vitriolic exchanges.  The current responses to the leaflets they’d emailed had produced a definite divide and it was either yay or nay with very few undecided or sitting on the fence, to “what the hell” is this for!

City counsil was considering “considering” re-sizing the bins currently available to all residents.  There would be a variety of styles types sizes and of course, prices.  The reasons they were contemplating making the change was because the newer bins were stronger, easier to clean, had a better tighter closure and the newly renovated trucks could pick them up easier and far more quickly which was a time and money saver in the long run.  Their research (having reached out to other cities currently using the newer bins) suggested that overall people were very satisfied and decidedly happy with the change the bins had provided.

The original outlay would be hefty but would pay off over time in wages, maintenance, the cost of replacements, visibility, and the fact they were far easier to move to the curb.  The city trucks could readily be fitted to accept the new bins at a fraction of the cost they’d originally expected which as far as counsellors were considered weighed in on the plus side.

Dalia was going over her speech when Jason approached.  “Hi.”

“Hi, Jason.  Ready for the debate?”

“You think it will come to that?  That there’s enough interest?”

“I never underestimate the public and where their interests may lay.  It can and usually is very surprising.”

“I hear you.  If it helps, I’m all for it.  I think these bins will work ultimately more efficiently.”

“Yes, let’s hope the public sees it that way.”

Taking his seat he smiled, “Fingers crossed for you,” and he did indeed cross his fingers which had her smiling.

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