It was as if June had lived in a bygone era.  Sarah always smiled because when she spoke, she used words that were rarely heard these days.  Words like tarry, repartee, skulduggery, compunction, timorous, lithe, and tryst.  They were all delightful interesting words that held a wealth of meaning and while she understood them, many did not and the look of confusion on their faces was most amusing to watch as they attempted to fathom what she’d just said.  Sarah wished and had suggested June write a novel or poetry because it would indeed be witty, inciteful and amusing. 

When she thought about it, there were many words that weren’t used these days, hundreds and thousands, in reality.   A type of shorthand as it were, had taken over with the advent of the internet and its continuous advancement. People regularly used short forms to convey their message faster (less typing) she decided.  Many were left in the dark regarding these short forms and it was as amusing watching a younger generation bring them up to speed on the current lingo.

When she read novels these days, it certainly wasn’t uncommon to find these forms of communication included in them.  In some ways, she found that both sad and amusing.  Which only brought her thought process back to Sarah and writing a novel.  Yes indeed, it would be exquisite, if only she would. 

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