“Great!”  Nina thought.  Once again they’d rejected her proposal expecting sweeping changes they felt would generate a larger profit. She realized they were all about the bottom line and making more money and it was understandable. Ameliorate!  Bah humbug!  What tosh!  Seriously!  Data was data.  It didn’t change facts were facts.  While you could sway data one way or the other depending on how you pitched it when it came down to it, there were no other changes she could make that would generate the kind of increase they were expecting for the next quarter. She wasn’t exactly a magician after all. It would mean condensing staff, closing their stores earlier or worse yet, cutting staff. Those were the only possibilities available. Cutting staff wasn’t an option since they worked incredibly well together, never complained about the workload, and carried a positive cheery outlook that created a very happy environment in which to work and consequently drew in customers as a result. The staff were responsible for making the store what it had become – a landmark!

If they made the kind of changes they were asking for, morale would suffer, they might even lose some of their qualified staff and it could certainly destroy the positive atmosphere enjoyed which was what was responsible for the productivity efficiency and consequently the current upsweep in sales which made their suggestions so ridiculous.

Dropping her head in her hands, she sighed.  She had to come up with something to appease them, another plan, something that would appease everyone.  To make matters worse, they’d even tacked on that little tidbit at the end, suggesting her job depended upon it.

Surely to god, there was one member of the board that understood the reality of the situation.  Who?  Who could she approach?  Jeremy.  Perhaps Jeremy could be persuaded to come to her side.  Well, straightening up she decided, no time like the present and quickly placed the phone call to arrange a meeting.  She crossed her fingers after hanging up the phone.  Time would tell!

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