Marty was a man of great depth which may or may not be apparent from his outward appearance.  Some thought him cavalier in manner and dress but in fact, he was an advocate of respect dependability reliability loyalty and it didn’t stop there.

He was an active proponent of saving the environment and absolutely committed to supporting every endeavour that assisted in protecting mother nature whether it was on a corporate or personal level.  He invested heavily in every device possible for the workplace including eco-friendly cleaning products to incentives to car-pool and office-green to encourage and lead the charge for constant awareness changes and updates. 

It wasn’t about accolades or recognition.  It was about dedication and caring and doing everything possible with honesty and integrity. Marty was a maverick in that regard, doing more and going farther than any other company to ensure it was so.  Few understood his complete dedication and how much financial backing was involved.

His wife, on the other hand, thought differently and subtly went about undermining what he did and with gritted teeth vowed it would all change when she was in charge.  He spent far too much money on others which rightfully belonged to them.  One day, she promised herself as she sneered at the cost of the newly approved garbage bins he’d recently paid to have installed, she would make sweeping changes.  It couldn’t happen soon enough!  Or could it?

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