Amos had often heard people speak of kindred spirits.  It was an unfathomable concept and had been since he’d first heard the term.  His sisters were all about kindred spirits.  He hadn’t scoffed at the idea, but he hadn’t embraced it either. His idea of kindred spirits were people that had known each other for years and years and understood and accepted the other’s foibles.  It was learned, it was habit.

Then he’d met Andy and all his preconceived ideas vanished.  She was in every conceivable way, his kindred spirit.  They were alike on so many levels it was frightening.  Sometimes he thought she understood him better than he did himself.  It was as uncanny as it was real.  On a deep level somewhere underneath all the facades people usually wore to cover emotions concerns worries, in order to get through the day, she understood him in a way that was unfathomable.  He couldn’t explain it, didn’t quite understand it, but he accepted it.  It was as true for him as her.  He instinctively knew what she would believe on any given subject, how she would react, and it was unnerving.

How was it possible?  How did this happen? How could two individuals of such completely differing backgrounds in different countries end up being so in tune with each other?  What’s more, they hadn’t known each other a lifetime or even years and years so it was even more disturbing that they’d become this close this quickly. 

No, it wasn’t as though it were perfection, they had their differences, that’s for sure, but he knew and understood her in ways he couldn’t explain but that he was deeply grateful for.  His sisters would laugh when he told them since he’d scoffed often enough.  He couldn’t wait for them to meet.

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