Brandon’s feathers were truly ruffled.  What the hell?  Optimum, optimum??? His work was always optimum.  He gave 150% on every contingency for every program he worked on.  It was a given.  His last supervisor knew that and had chosen him for this promotion based on his excellence.  The supe’s words not his although he knew it was true and he’d always felt appreciated as a result of that recognition. 

They chose “optimum” as an excuse not to go forward with the plans he’d so diligently worked on for the past three months – they weren’t optimum – therefore unacceptable.  There was literally nothing else that could be done.  He’d worked the scenario forward and backwards a hundred times and this WAS the best and only solution to correct the overall problems they were facing.

Technology was moving forward at breakneck speed, so much so, it had become a serious problem affecting every facet of the business.  If they didn’t make these immediate changes, they were in serious trouble and their clients were going to start encountering genuine issues = mainly the inability to keep up with the forward trends that were about to hit.  The writing was on the wall and it wasn’t far off. His method of approach (as outlined by the board) was but a stop-gap to keep them afloat until they were willing to spend the money time and manpower to revamp the entire system.  Surely, they weren’t that short-sighted they couldn’t see the direction technology was headed – they were supposed to be the most advanced thinking in the field.  

He felt like stomping into Don’s office and demanding an explanation.  Harry would have understood when he’d done been so fired up he had to speak his mind, but Don was stand-offish and clearly didn’t understand people or the business as a whole.

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  1. So what happened? Did the supervisor finally accept Brandon’s proposal? Or did the company go under? I feel like I’ve just read Chapter One of an interesting story!

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