The plight of over 400 children lay in the palms of his hands and he was sweating the idea.  He wasn’t a father, had no children as yet but he’d been raised by loving caring firm adaptable parents who meant everything to George.  Their ideals lived on in him though they’d been gone these many years. 

The school was losing its funding which meant that unless they could raise a significant amount of money not just for the short-term, but the long-term as well, their doors would close forever. 

Parents would be responsible for getting their children to another school in several varying areas depending on which school had room.  It would be a major disruption not only for each child – new school, fitting in, probably losing many of their close friends, long commutes, longer waits, re-scheduling for parents especially those working parents (and there weren’t many families that didn’t have two parents that worked full-time) then there were illnesses to consider…it was a logistical nightmare.

He had to find investors that cared.  He’d reached out to local churches and church leaders to local businessmen, to city counsel hoping they might know of someone that might possibly take an interest in their plight.  So far, no one had come forward.

He was hunched over his desk, his head in his hands when the phone rang.  He sighed as part of him wondered “what fresh hell was this”? as the phone never rang these days without another problem or issue to solve.  True enough it was his job, but at the moment, it weighed heavily upon his shoulder.

His voice must have carried some of that weight for Father Christian’s opening words were, “It’s not all that bad, George, truly.  Have a little faith!”

“Faith is hard to come by these days father.”

“Well get ready for a revival then because I have news, good news!”

Straightening in his chair, George asked, “What kind of good news?”

“The kind you’ve been hoping for, for weeks.”

“Tell me more.”  George edged forward on his chair barely daring to breathe.  Had he found a solution to their dilemma?

“Meet me in an hour at Café Greta.”

“Can’t you give me a hint?”

“I already did!”  He heard Father Christians robust laughter before he hung up.

Hoping for the best, he explained to his secretary he had an appointment and he’d be gone for as long as it took.  She stared at him, seeing the hope in his eyes, and hoped in her heart of hearts it was something positive.  She sighed.  It had to be!

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