The Langford wasn’t just any school. It was THE school parents sent their precocious children to with the hopes that their little ‘darling’ would become the next Abe Lincoln, Maya Angelou, or Albert Einstein. Angela smiled, ‘anything was possible’.

Therefore, The Langford School for Gifted Children had a higher than usual attendance, the children more energetic, brilliant and consequently, more impish which had Angela smiling as the ‘impish’ didn’t begin to cover the delightful if annoyingly frustrating antics some of the children participated in from time to time.

As a result, they hired only the finest of individuals to mould these exquisite minds, dedicated to encouraging forward-thinking and instil the idea that ‘anything was possible’. Over the years, they’d achieved their goal many times over.

However, that wasn’t her concern today. For within minutes, Constable Owens was to arrive to go over the school records of one student in particular they believed was the mastermind behind a brilliant eloquent crime, one that only a “gifted” mind could have dreamed up. If it hadn’t been for the tiniest of errors, they wouldn’t have been any the wiser but it was the only lead they had and they were following up on it.

To say she was nervous and anxious was putting it mildly for it was unnerving, to say the least, knowing the suspect this well, having witnessed his growth over the years. She hoped it wasn’t true.

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