One word described Shadowhaven – zealous.  Its citizens were passionate about life in general.  As cliché as it might seem, there was a real kinship here, people looked out for one another, checking in regularly on shut-ins and the elderly assisting in times of trouble or sickness. 

It was a delightful destination with a climate ripe for sunbathing and included events designed to entertain the entire family. It was tranquil enough to encourage relaxation but busy enough to keep children and adults alike, entertained.

It wasn’t surprising then that when the Mayor had received a letter indicating their little town had been included in the list of towns considered for and vying for an infusion of funds from an unknown benefactor (to the tune of $100,000.00) which was a considerable amount of funding for a town this size, there was a buzz of excitement.  Someone was going to arriving and evaluate the town based on their Christmas season.  It was, therefore, added incentive to make this year even more spectacular than the last. 

It wasn’t at all surprising that excitement was fever-pitched with more volunteers than ever before.  They would have plenty of extra help and donations were up for the towns annual Christmas Lighting event. So far there were more entering the annual Christmas Lighting Contest as well. Besides the regular candy making contests, decorating contests, the food committee, they were looking for something new to add to the festivities that would captivate the would-be judge but delightful for the town going forward. 

Although few in numbers (4000) to be exact, as many as could manage it, made it to the town hall meeting to contribute ideas for the forthcoming events. The mayor had to reign in their enthusiasm at one point reminding them there was only so much money in the coffers but even that hadn’t dampened their enthusiasm.  They were in it to win it! 

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