Dawn re-read the letter a dozen times.  It still didn’t make sense.  She knew there was more than was being said but even reading between the lines didn’t help because there were a half dozen takes on what was possibly happening.

She hated puzzles, trying to decipher the meaning, angle, idea or thought of what was being said simply annoyed her to distraction.  Plain speaking, that’s what she preferred.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Then everyone knew where they stood.  No ambiguity just plain speak.  Franklin was all about innuendo and possibilities and the furthest from saying what he meant is it could get. 

Consequently, she would have to track him down and find out exactly what his current plan was in so many words.  Did he have an exact date for the play, had he chosen the actors, the theatre house, the understudy, was the funding secure?  So many questions.

“We are on for the show “Enriched with Love” with many fine actors lining up for the lead role of Samantha and Germaine.  Excitement is high with many interested investors so start preparing.” 

Sighing, Dawn gulped her coffee prepared to find Franklin and determine exactly where they stood, what was happening and when.  No sense planning something that was only a possibility.   There was much to be done.  Couldn’t he see that?

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