“Isn’t the display a little ostentatious?” Maryanne asked in a whisper.

“It’s a little over the top, I agree, but it’s bright, vibrant and fills you with excitement too, doesn’t it?” Amy asked quietly.

“Yes, that is the truth of it. That’s the positive spin on it I’d say.”

“It draws you in, makes you feel alive, I don’t know, there’s a joy and happiness associated with it that just feels good.” Nudging her friend she said, “Come on, where’s your holiday spirit?”

“It hasn’t caught up with me yet. I’m hoping it will, soon.”

Wrapping her arm around Maryanne, Sarah said, “come on, let’s grab some hot chocolate while the getting is good. It’ll warm up your insides and nudge you in the right direction.”

“What direction is that?”

“The let’s relax enjoy the sights and sounds and be thankful…for each other, our family and friends…for what we already have…”

“Your right, your right. Come on, let’s go.”

Hot chocolate in hand they rounded the corner toward a massive exhibit and literally held their breath. “Wow! Just wow!”

“A lot of thought and preparation went into this one.” Sarah exclaimed.

“It did. It’s literally awe inspiring.” Amy stood staring.

A man stood behind them smiling. “Glad your enjoying.”

Both women turned and stared up into a beautiful face. Eyes of the riches chocolate color on a handsome face lit with appreciation and joy.

“Someone was really into the theme. It speaks of friendship, love, giving, caring…and so much more.” Sarah said turning back to the display.

“I tried.” The unknown man said quietly.

“And succeeded.” Sarah glanced his way again as he moved to stand beside her.

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