Old Amos was such a treat.  His presence would secure a large crowd for he would regale all with amusing stories delightful anecdotes and amazing adventures.  What’s more, they were all true.  He’d lived a full life roaming from continent to continent bringing out the best in people and finding the humour in any situation. 

He interacted with people of all ages races ethnicities cultures and each welcomed him in with open arms.  Amos was the least judgmental man, indeed, individual, she’d ever met.  He was such a pleasure to be around.

Sydney was lucky.  He was her dad and she and her family had shared in many of his adventures, but the ones that were the most touching were the ones he would tell about his single days when he was able to be more adventurous.  He wouldn’t subject his family to any situation that could be concerning or alarming and so their adventures were far tamer than the previous ones.

As he settled in with a cup of eggnog in hand, the little ones around his feet, adults eagerly sitting or standing nearby, they asked for and received, an evening of pure delight.  Sydney often thought he should have written a book and perhaps he would one day, while all the memories were fresh and clear and the world at large could enjoy his antics. 

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