Hanna dropped her head in her hands. God! It was going to be one of those days! Eric was as eccentric as they came. It seemed that most “famous or infamous” depending on how you looked at it, were. The list of demands that had to be met before their arrival could be as long as it was varied. Eric’s was no exception. The interesting thing was that he didn’t appear eccentric.


Hanna dropped her head in her hands.  God!  It was going to be one of those days!  Eric was as eccentric as they came.  It seemed that most “famous or infamous” depending on how you looked at it, were.  The list of demands that had to be met before their arrival could be as long as it was varied.  Eric’s was no exception.  The interesting thing was that he didn’t appear eccentric. 

His arrival was always quiet with little fanfare, his apparel was so ordinary you wouldn’t pick him out in a group of people with his hat low over his eyes covering his clean-shaven face.  He wore what was currently in fashion and he welcomed everyone he met with a warm greeting.  He accepted what was happening even if things went a little haywire with aplomb and he rarely complained.

Therefore, the new list of demands seemed unusual, even outrageous.  It had Hanna and her staff scampering to find the items listed.  Perrier (that was new) scampi on ice, what amounted to as a vat of coca-cola (again new) Belgian chocolate of a certain brand name and eminently difficult to find, bananas – green, strawberries fresh with stems (only) and Champaign.  Most of these items weren’t on previous lists and at this late date difficult to obtain as she’d only received them a few hours ago and he was due to arrive in less than four hours with some impossible to obtain on such short notice.

It was, to Hanna’s mind, as though they were obtaining a completely different set of items for a different person.  She’d due her best but she couldn’t guarantee anything and she hoped it wouldn’t cause an unending issue.  Her stock in trade was always providing whatever was necessary for each star and so far she’d done well.

As he entered, she straightened and headed toward him.  “Mr. Godfrey, a pleasure as always.”

“Um, sorry, I’ve forgotten your name (hazard of jetlag and constant venues I’m afraid,” he said with an endearing lopsided grin.

“I’m unable to obtain a few of the items on your list.  I hope this won’t inconvenience you too much.  It’s a little too late I’m afraid.”

Cocking his head to one side he asked, “What are you talking about?  I don’t understand.”

“Your list of must-haves prior to your arrival.”

“I have no list.  I don’t require anything but water and a bit of quiet before I head onstage.”

“I’m confused,” Hanna admitted before proceeding to show him the list.

“Who the hell ordered all this crap?” he asked surprised.

“Your manager.”

“We’ll see about that!”  He turned as his pernickety manager entered.  “Harold, what the hell is this?”  He grabbed the paper from Hanna and shook it under Harold’s nose.”


“This stops here and now!  You will not do this again, understood?  These people have enough to do without you adding a burden to their day.  I don’t want and never asked for any of this crap.  The only thing I require is water and peace and quiet.”

Harold blanched.  “Of course,” he responded hesitantly.

Turning to Hanna he continued, “If you have the water, I’d be grateful.  I need to keep hidrated and I enjoy the taste, other than that, if the items have arrived, share them with your staff and in the future, just the water, thank you.”

Hannah hid her smirk behind her hand as she turned to leave.  “Harold, remove yourself.  I want peace and quiet.” 

“Hannah, will you stay for a few minutes?”  he asked warmly.

“I’d be delighted,” she responded without daring to glance at Harold who shuffled on out.

“Think he’ll forgive us?”  he asked with a full out grin.

“I hope so, “she replied, since she knew how difficult he could make things if not.

“If you have any issues, let me know.  I’ll take care of it, I promise.”

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  1. Wow. It sounds like Harold’s just being a jerk. There seems to be one in every workplace. I’m glad Hannah and Eric settled their differences and found some new friendship…or maybe something more…

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