They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it’s true, especially in this case; to be honest, in every single picture that Vance took.  His photos were a painting and photograph in one.  It was impossible to walk by and not stop becoming enthralled in the vision portrayed.  Not only were his pictures inviting, but they were also taken with such skill they invoked your presence and you felt part of the scene, a silent participant, the camera secondary.  You completely forgot it was a photograph hanging on the wall.  It wasn’t a photographer photographing, or an actor acting.  His photography was art, each photo award-winning.   

It didn’t matter whether it was a photo of downtown main street displaying a homey atmosphere, or staring up at skyscrapers, you were there, and his countryside photos were beyond exception.  Sometimes they were filled with humour.  One came to mind in which he’d taken a shot of cows in a row along a fence feeding, but not the front end, the back end and it was a delightful take as humorous as it was appealing. 

He had an impressive collection taken from mountaintops, in valleys so deep you felt as if the earth moved a fraction of an inch, it might collapse in on you.  He’d been out in the desert with sand dunes that defied description, their endlessness captured in such a way as to feel daunting yet welcoming.

His human-interest stories tore at your heart in the most heart-wrenching way.  War-torn countries with children covered in dirt and ragged clothes or women looking lost and desolate or the ravaged countryside. 

When you stood in front of a Morris photograph, the world disappeared. What you saw when you looked through his eyes, was pure, heart soul mind all captured in one single moment.

Therefore, trying to choose seven for the showing was nearly impossible. There was a massive cross selection to choose from and she wasn’t sure whether to go with a theme (winter, summer, spring, fall) all of which were incredible, in their own right, or whether to include his travels to include a picture from every continent of which he had some breathless shots.  She sighed.  It was going to be difficult to choose.

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