Mary was thirsty and leaned toward Beth to ask if she wanted anything from the snack vendor. Beth smiling said she could eat, popcorn would be great and Mary hustled out to the common area. The line-ups were longer than expected and she popped out her phone and perused a couple of sites until it was her turn.

Mary was thirsty and leaned toward Beth to ask if she wanted anything from the snack vendor.  Beth smilingly said she could eat, popcorn would be great, and Mary hustled out to the common area.  The line-ups were longer than expected and she popped out her phone perusing a couple of sites until her turn came.

Hustling back to their seats, she was surprised to find Beth wasn’t there.  Setting their food down, she scoured the theatre thinking Beth might have found another friend to chat with but she couldn’t see her anywhere. Ten minutes passed, the lights went down so Mary settled back into her seat thinking Beth may have gone to the washroom and would show up in minutes. 

The intro to the movie began, another ten minutes passed and when Beth still hadn’t returned, Mary hopped up and headed for the ladies’ room, figuring she’d find her there.  Entering she walked along looking underneath each stall to see if she could find her but the bathroom was empty.  She called out anyway, “Beth?  Beth you here?”   When no answer came, Mary was nearly running by the time she was at the concourse and she walked from one end to the other and finally outside to the car in case Beth had gone out for fresh air or get something from the car.

Now she was concerned, this was not like Beth, she didn’t just disappear without an explanation.  Hauling her phone out, she texted her and waited impatiently but there was no response.  Racing back inside, she enlisted the assistance of one of the ushers explaining her concern then showed him a picture of Beth.  He grabbed a woman usher and they hurried off to check the building. Twenty minutes passed, while Mary paced. They returned and said they hadn’t found her.

Mary had to do something because this was simply weird and called the police.  It was a slow night and a car was in the vicinity so it was dispatched to Mary’s location. 

One officer stayed with her and the other searched their seats, then the rest of the complex and then out to Beth’s car.  When he returned with a wallet in hand, Mary cried out, “That’s Beth’s wallet!”  The two cops exchanged glances and a few words before one turned and walked away while the other began asking Mary questions about Beth. 

Mary would never forgive herself if something happened to Beth.  She’d talked her into coming out tonight as she’d just had a tiff with her boyfriend and was upset with him.  Mary felt a shiver run the length of her spine.

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  1. Gary Wilson comments: “to the common area” –> “to the movie theater concessions area” (this information would be helpful later. I somehow had it in my mind they were at a sports arena.

  2. I am following you but I don’t get your posts for some reason, I’m going to unfollow and follow you again ❤️

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