Jessie was about to discover some hidden truths regarding the newly obtained painting that she’d recently hung on her wall.

Jessie was about to discover some hidden truths regarding the newly obtained painting that she’d recently hung on her wall.  Its appeal was undeniable – the colours, the style, the depth, all were outstanding.  It simply drew her in until she felt as though she were the one standing and gazing at the surrounding vista portrayed. 

She and Mavis regularly visited nearby garage sales.  Mavis had introduced her to the idea a year ago and while she often bought items for her shop, Jessie tagged along, more for the fun of it.  Today had been her lucky day and as soon as she laid eyes on the painting, she decided she had to have it.  When she asked the current owners if they knew anything about the artist, they’d explained they’d bought the painting years before because they liked it, it fit the space, but they had no information to offer.  Jessie loved the painting and the price was reasonable, so she bought it.      

They’d visited several more garage sales but hadn’t found anything of interest and Mavis dropped her off at home.  She couldn’t resist, she wanted to hang the painting immediately, so she wandered her home for several minutes to determine the best location for the painting and decided a bit of wall that had previously always annoyed her (since it had seemed a waste of space) was, she decided, without question, the ideal location for the painting.  The light was good and she could enjoy the painting from any angle in the living room.   

The unknown artist intrigued Jessie so she settled in front of her laptop, coffee in hand and began searching the artist’s name “Brandon Whitaker” and immediately hundreds of names popped up.  “Well!  This is going to take some time,” she said aloud.  She began refining her search using keywords artist oil paint landscapes which narrowed the search considerably until only a few remained.

Painstakingly reading through each entry, she hit upon a picture of a handsome man, approximately her own age and although he wasn’t an artist, his great grandfather had been.  One of the paintings was so alike the one hanging on her wall, Jessie decided he must be the artist in question.  Without hesitation, Jessie sent an email hoping to receive a speedy response.  Nodding at her computer she smiled and went about her day.

It was late that night when all her chores and dinner was done that she once again sat down in front of the laptop and found a response to her email.  Excitedly, Jessie opened the reply and read a lengthy response that in part explained that dozens of his great grandfather’s paintings had been stolen or gone missing and he was endeavouring to find as many as possible for him. The last words hit her hard, “If you have any information, I’d be delighted to hear it.”

“Oh my god,” Jessie squealed aloud, “this can’t be true!”  Two thoughts struck her immediately.  One, how horrified she felt at learning someone had taken advantage of this man and stolen his work, and two that she would have to give up the beloved painting. 

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