It’s interesting that during Christmas and New Year we allow ourselves time to reflect on the year gone by and the upcoming one and what it may hold.

It’s interesting that during Christmas and New Year we allow ourselves time to reflect on the year gone by and the upcoming one and what it may hold.

It’s a time of honesty and self-introspection that we might often consider an indulgence especially when we have busy lives, some with children, some working parents juggling so much, or if your elderly the concerns related to ageing and changes we will likely face.

Through it all, we reflect on our part in our lives, have we lived fully (and what is fully anyway) because it certainly varies depending on your background, the people around you, and what some consider valuable.  To some it’s reaching the next pinnacle at work, for others, it’s finding someone special to share their lives with, while to others, it may be trekking around the world involved in an adventure.

There’s so much talk about living outside the box-whose box?  Yours or that of someone else?  Do we measure our living by the chances we take, the risks of changing location or job, giving up on a relationship we consider toxic, beginning a new relationship, having babies? 

If we’re lucky, we take the time to reflect often, for some perhaps weekly, monthly, or daily.  With our crazy busy lives, what do we focus on?  The state of affairs in the world and how it affects us?  Politics, religion (or lack thereof) spirituality, what love and affection mean to us as individuals and as a member of society or how we relate and interact with family?

Indeed, there can and is much to reflect on.  Sometimes it’s the past and a song suddenly heard reminds of a time and place long ago inspiring delightful memories and moments.

Whatever you decide to reflect on, the extent, the depth, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all that take the time to read my blog (whether it’s a good day for writing or simply managing to get words on a page) for your friendship, for your kind words, for your encouragement.  Sometimes it is the little things that count the most but your constant presence and acceptance mean the world.  Often, it’s knowing your out there in cyberspace, and I can drop a quick line to say hi, to enjoy learning what you’ve been up to on this day, seeing life through your eyes.

For all this, I thank you individually and collectively.  It’s an honour and privilege to be here, to chat with you to share. 

Until the New Year, however you expect to see it in, may your days be filled with the things that give you joy happiness and well being for those are the important moments in life.

Happy New Year to All 😊 Much Love and Affection

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  1. I think that once you get to our age, there’s a lot of reflection going on. First of all, you have the time to do it and you also have lived enough years to have a decent grip and where you are at — and where you never want to go. And by now, we are very happy that we didn’t go there.

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